Florida’s Legislature has created a massive Education Accountability system that is based on the assumption that standardized test scores are an accurate measure of education quality.  The performance of young students on an annual test of grade level proficiency is used to evaluate teachers, administrators, schools and districts. Performance on these tests can result in retention, remediation and, possibly, failure to graduate with little or no input from classroom teachers. The test focused system has led to a significant narrowing of curriculum with some schools being little more than test preparation factories. We feel this test and punish Accountability system is leading to the destruction of the public education system it was designed to monitor. Everyone believes there should be accountability in our schools, but the current system is destroying, not evaluating, our schools.  

A high stakes, test focused accountability system IS Accountabaloney.

Our intent is expose the inconsistencies, inaccuracies and damaging effects of Florida’s current test based accountabaloney system and to explore current non-test based methods of measuring accountability that could be used in its place.