3rd grade retention

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More Research Needed: Does this Study Demonstrate the Positive Effects of a Voucher Program or the Negative Effects of Accountabaloney?

In Florida, public schools are graded, almost entirely based on student standardized test scores, and then either rewarded or punished. Test scores are used to make decisions that professional educators used to make: promotion/retention, remediation and,...
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Let Florida Voters hold the Commissioner Accountable for Accountabaloney

For most of us, the November 8th election cannot come soon enough. Still, there is one race missing from my ballot that I wish we were voting on: Florida’s Commissioner of Education. In the past year, Commissioner Pam Stewart has called textbooks...
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FSBA: Take A Moral Stand, Drop the Appeals

On August 26, 2016, Judge Karen Gievers released her ruling granting some temporary relief in Rhea vs Florida Department of Education (FLDOE), the “3rd Grade Retention Trial” in Florida. Parents from seven Florida districts challenged the test-based...
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