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SB796’s Massive Conflict of Interest for State BOE May Lead to More Accountabaloney

On April 25, 2017, Senate Appropriations Chair waited until the last 8 minutes of a 4 hour meeting to hear two significant Education Bills SB1552 and SB796. Senator Simmons’ SB1552, in addition to presenting the Senate’s attempted revision...
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Hidden inside “Fewer, Better Tests” are Cold Showers and other Baloney

SB926/HB773 are being called “Fewer, Better Tests” bills yet they don’t reduce the current number of state assessments, nor to they make those assessments better. “Fewer, Better Tests” has been a slogan of Jeb Bush’s...
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How School Grades led to the Elimination of Recess

On Wednesday, January 25, 2017, during a brief introduction, Florida Commissioner of Education, Pam Stewart, explained both how Florida got to the place where schools were denying recess to small children and why, in her words, it is necessary for the...
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