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Call to Action: Ask Governor Scott to Veto 7069 and Support Public Schools

Governor Rick Scott has a decision to make. Will he veto HB7069, the massive education “train” that seeks to create a separate for-profit charter school network, rolling out the red carpet to out-of-state charter corporations, while simultaneously...
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Angry About DeVos? Get Educated About the Threats to Public Education

The appointment of Betsy DeVos to U.S. Secretary of Education has awoken many people to the current threats to public education. These threats did not begin with Ms. DeVos. For several decades, public school have been labeled as failing (not true, see...
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The “Fewer, Better Tests” Press Conference: Send in the Clowns

Florida Senator Anitere Flores, Rep. Manny Diaz, Jr and Rep. Chris Sprowls held a press conference on 2/15/17, at the Capitol, to unveil their new “Fewer, Better Tests” Legislation (SB926/HB773). This blog post documents the event (you can...
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